Please note: South Wales Reptile and Exotic Animal Group cannot take animals into our care for you. We are not a Charity or Rescue Centre, but simply a group of individuals who share a common interest.

We display your requests for re-homing; that is, we offer you free advertising space here on the internet for them. You are welcome to add them to the Re-homing Register here, or post a message in the Re-homing section on our Forum, or both. (Click on the Forum link on the red nav bar to view the forum)

If you have an animal for which you need to find a new home:
To add an entry to our Re-Homing Register please click here.

If you would like to give a home to an animal which needs one:
To view the entries already in the Register please click here.

Please remember, this facility is for those earnestly seeking a new home for a reptile or amphibian which, for one reason or another, they are no longer able to keep.
The animal must therefore be offered free to a good home.
Please respect this, and do not place any advertisements for animals for sale in here or in our forum re-homing section. These may be placed in the Classified Ads section of the website.

Please give as much information as you can about the animal in need of a home, plus a valid email address so that enquirers may contact you. If housing is included, please indicate this.

NB: If you are offering to re-home, please don’t put an ad in the Register. This is only for animals needing a home. Adverts asking for herps will be removed, as they confuse readers looking for animals. You may place an ad in our Classified Ads section of the website, though, if you so wish.

Would-be re-homers: Please note:
SWREAG cannot accept any responsibility for any animal or related equipment offered in the re-homing facility, nor can we ascertain any material facts about the animals offered. You are advised to verify all details which have been posted, and to view any animal before making a commitment.

Those offering a pet for re-homing: Please note: Likewise SWREAG cannot accept responsibility for, nor ascertain any material facts about persons who may offer homes for animals, and in particular, persons who from time to time may put up posts offering to take on unwanted pets. Offers may be absolutely genuine, but you are advised to verify all details which have been posted before offering your animals to someone. Although unusual, it is not unknown for unscrupulous dealers to pose as “rescuers”. In addition, sometimes people with very good intentions nevertheless offer to take on an animal they do not really have the expertise to care for. It is your responsibility to ensure to your own satisfaction that your pet will be safe and properly cared for in its new home.

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