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We are a small but rapidly growing group of enthusiasts who keep and study reptiles and exotic animals. We hold monthly meetings for those able to attend and we run a very active Facebook page for those who are not.

Most meetings we have either a guest speaker or a talk by one of our members. Other meetings include ‘Bring something exotic and a camera’ evenings and of course the mandatory Christmas party in December and AGM. In January.

We meet on the first Friday of each month at 7.30 p.m. at:

Waunceirch Hall, Wern Fraith, Caewen, Neath, South Wales. SA10 7RQ.

If you would like to join us at one of our meetings please email email

Hello, how can we help?

Everyone is welcome !

If you keep reptiles or exotics or even if you just have an interest then why not come along for a chat. While we are based in Neath we do not restrict our membership to any catchment area so if you can get to Neath we’d love to see you.

If you have any questions which may  not be covered by this web site then please email: and we will do our best to give you an answer.

If you can’t make it as far as Neath then our Facebook page is always available.

Come and join us

Future meetings

More …

There’s no such thing as too much publicity !

We really want our group to grow.

Apart from our web site, Facebook and Twitter accounts we also have an A4 poster which we display in libraries, reptile shops, vets’ surgeries etc. You can help us to promote our group by downloading our poster and displaying it in suitable places to which you have access but that we have so far missed.

Download our poster

The poster is in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader to view. Most computers have this pre-installed but if yours does not you can get it here. You can print the poster directly or save it for future use. If you could let us know where you have displayed our posters that would be even better. Thank you.

Mark Bushell (Bristol Zoo)

“Keeping and Breeding Invertebrates”

Our last meeting - 6th June 2014

Bring something exotic and a camera.

This year’s summer trip will be on Saturday  9th August and is to London Zoo. As well as a general visit to the zoo we have arranged a behind the scenes tour of  both the reptile house and the Komodo dragons.

We're not quite sure of prices just yet but we are hopeful of getting some reduction on the usual ticket price. The trip is open to members, visitors, families and friends.

If you would like to join us on the trip there are just a few places remaining. Please give your name to the Chairman or Secretary as soon as possible.

Summer trip

We have one of these every year and they’re always good fun.

We had a lovely selection of exotics including lizards, snakes, stick insects, scorpions and a particularly large and unfriendly centipede which only its mother could love. Scott bought along a spectacular chameleon which of course we all wanted to photograph.

We also held a photographic competition which was judged by our guest, Shane Bagnall, Head of R&D at ZooMed in California. There were quite a number of entries so he had a difficult task. The winner was Heather with her photo called “Eye of the Crocodile” (see it here on Facebook). The runner-up was Scott with “Portrait of a Chameleon”.


Looking forward to next year’s already!

Erica Dixon

“Hedgehogs and me.”

Quiz night.